As construction industry professionals themselves, the founders of the Contractor Hub recognize the challenges and the lack of ability to connect with other construction experts in the marketplace. Although there have been technology advances in builder materials, there really hasn’t been a big advancement in technological resources or social resources for construction experts to use. General contractors and subcontractors are still utilizing contacts in their phones, paper and email to try and connect with crews or find future projects. These challenges exists across the commercial construction industry, light commercial and residential construction industry.

The goal of the Contractor Hub is to provide a place for construction professionals to connect and grow their business with quality workers and solid projects to bid on. The demands of the construction industry are filled with pressure, budget, schedules and deadlines. Up until the invention of the Contract Hub, there has not been a “Go To” space for general contractors and subcontractors to quickly connect with individuals who could meet a demand for today or know about future project opportunities. The Contactor Hub is the resource solution that has been lacking in today’s construction industry. This resource allows workers to connect with general contractors and subcontracts.

In today’s construction industry, it is difficult to find locations to get dirt or locate dumpsites that are close to your jobsite. The founders of the Contractor Hub have made it incredibly easy for contractors to solve these challenges. One can post this information for other contractors to benefit from.

Today, the Contractor Hub servers the Georgia region in its postings. They will be expanding when the need arises to other areas of the United States. Contractor Hub is built on a solid secure platform. You can access your information from any device. The founders of the Contractor Hub believe this solution will allow companies to grow in their skilled workers and connect with industry professionals to increase their projects and future profits. They are well capitalized and dedicated to the success of subcontracts and general contractors growing their business.